Diverse Learning Environments

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Dining Room

The dining room is mainly for meals and snacks. We also like to educate the kids on different types of nutrition in the food. The tables are also used for crafts in which the children are encouraged to create new ideas while promoting the use of sensory objects such as slime and clay. Painting and drawing is also heavily promoted as it helps them turn their thoughts and ideas into tangible items. We learn basic math, spelling and reading during circle and chalkboard time. 



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Mostly used for movie time and learning channel, the children enjoy shows such as Blipy and sign language learning lessons on YouTube including various educational movies. This is where the children unwind after outdoor play time. The living room is also used for nap time.

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Playroom & Backyard

The playroom is used for individual and group playtime. We offer safe and stimulating toys such as large building blocks, cars and learning stations. The backyard is where the children create the best memories. We offer .4 acers for your children to run, play and build socials skills. All gates are locked, and the children are supervised by two employees while in the backyard.